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Buying a home or selling a home; whether you're first or twenty-first, is a major life-changing event.  Finding your dream home or selling your current home is easy when you work with a professional REALTOR® that listens to your needs and sincerely cares about helping you accomplish your goals.

Let Kathy's expertise work for you.

When you choose to work with Kathy Fong of Shepard Fong Group- your needs will always come first.

In this busy world, time has become one of life's most valuable assets.  My expertise can save you valuable time.

First - because our group knows the neighborhoods.   30 years of living in the Nation's Capital has provided me with broad demographic experience that works to save you time.  From Chevy Chase to Clarendon, each community, whether in Virginia, DC or Maryland, offers different housing, commute and lifestyle choices.

Having years of experience and market knowledge are critical when assessing values and amenities within the Nation's Capital Region.  Whether you'd like statistics about resales in Arlington, Virginia or wonder if proximity to a Metro station is important, I can answer these questions and more and help you find the right home at the right price.

Our service is above the standard. That's what makes us different!
At Shepard Fong.. we make it easy.    

From helping you get qualified with a top notch lender, to selecting a home inspector that will protect you by thoroughly exploring your new potential home.  And finally, carefully tracking each detail with regard to your closing and title work.  We are  there for you each step of the way.

With years of expertise and knowledge of resources we will facilitate arranging for a house cleaner, a clutter specialist, a mover or electrician! 
When it comes to finding an answer, the only call you'll need to  make if you need help with anything related to real estate is to me!

Ready to buy a home?  We'd  love to work for you.  Anyone can find a house online, but there is no substitute for experience.

A home is about your dreams, your hopes and your lifestyle.  It is that place that makes you feel good inside when you walk through the front door.  My goal is to help you find that perfect place, whether a condominium in Clarendon or palace in Potomac.  My buyers love me because I listen and do everything to make sure their needs are met.

We  am patient and are dedicated to making sure that your biggest investment is perfectly thought out and all details are carefully handled.

Shepard Fong  - different by design.

In our practice, we take a different approach to the field of real estate.  

We believe that the best relationships are built on trust and you can be assured that all of us  will work very hard to earn yours.

It is our  primary goal to successfully create win-win deals, to help you achieve positive results, beyond the transaction and to be your  GO STO real estate consultantsfor life.

How do we help you find the best homes or understand the value of your current home?  By using the latest technologies available, once we complete a buyer strategy session, my buyers are enrolled in my MLS direct email system so you see the latest and best homes quicker than most agents do!

We work hard to constantly update my market research systems and employ sound business strategies in order to exceed your expectations.  And while technology is important to some buyers, the ability to listen allows me to be focused on finding solutions that are tailored to you.

So welcome to the Washington DC Metropolitan area.  If I can help you find a home, sell a property please contact me directly at kathy@shepardfong.com 

You'll find that my website is full of useful information whether you are thinking of buying or planning to sell.

I invite you to contact me for my references and would welcome the opportunity to meet you for a cup of coffee or to arrange a complimentary interview.

Thanks for starting your real estate search with  agents who care about your needs.

Contact us. We'll  help you make the right move.

Kathleen LoGiodice Fong

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2101 Wilson Blvd, Suite 100
Arlington, VA